10+ Techniques to write SEO Friendly articles on Blogs?

Hello friends and welcome to our block. Today we are going to tell you essential information which is “How to write SEO friendly article on Blog”? After knowing which you can also write SEO Friendly Article on your Blog. So that each of your posts can be ranked in Google.

Every new blogger tries to write SEO Friendly Article so that his Post and Blog can rank. So that traffic comes to his Blog, and he can earn money through his Blog. But due to half incomplete information and some mistakes, that post rank of her is not possible.

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Because Article is not completely SEO Friendly (Search Engine Optimization), but you do not need to panic at all. You have to understand this information carefully and read it completely. So that you will know correctly that “How to Write SEO friendly articles on your Blog”. So let’s start.

How To Write SEO Friendly Articles?

Friends, now we are going to tell you some essential points, by following which you can write your Article SEO Friendly. So that each of your articles can become SEO Friendly and Rank In Google, let’s know about these important points.

1. Keyword Research

Friends, How To Write SEO Friendly Article? Before writing to, we have to do Keyword Research first. A Keyword which is Long Tail Keyword and has less Competition. Without Keyword Research, we cannot rank our Article.

There are many such Paid and free tools, with the help of which you can know the Competition and Keyword Difficulty of any Keyword. Such as Ahrefs and Google Keyword Planner.

2. Content

Friends, now you have to write an excellent and self-written High-Quality Content, which should be at least 1000 words. After this, use the Keyword you have chosen for 8-10 times in the whole Article.

Whichever topic you are writing an article, you have to get complete information about that topic with the help of Google or other social media platforms. So that users can get correct and satisfying information in the Article you have written.

3. Title

One thing you always have to keeps in mind is that whatever keyword you are targeting to write an article, you have to use that keyword in the title of the article. This is a huge SEO (Search Engine Optimization) factor. Because if you do not put your keyword in the title, then your Article cannot be an SEO friendly.

4. Heading & Subheading

Friends, as well as you must also use your Target Keyword in H2, H3 and Subheading of the Article. This thing plays a huge role in writing SEO Friendly Article.

If you write any new paragraph in the Article, then you have to give Heading or Subheading for the paragraph. So that with the help of Heading, it can be known that what your Paragraph is giving information about.

5. Image Alt Tag

If you use any images in your Article, then you have to put your Target Keyword or Title in Images Alt Tag. Because Google does not see any Search Engine Images, it read the Alt Tag of images.

Also, one thing has to be kept in mind that you always have to insert images related to the information of your Article and whenever you insert any images in an article, then compress it first.

6. Meta Description

You have to Summarize all the pieces of information given by you along with your Target Keyword in the Meta Description of your Article. Because whenever you see an article in Google, then along with it Meta Description also appears.

That’s why you always have to write a lot of Attractive Meta Description. So that every user who watches can click on it without thinking. But you have to put the same information in the Meta Description, the information that you have told in the Article.

7. Post URL

You always have to keep your Post URL short. Try to insert Short Tail Keyword in the URL of your post. You have to try to make your URL very beautiful so that anyone can read your URL and click on it.

8. Internal Link

Friends, you should put a link to your other articles inside the Article, this is called Interlinking. So, that you have to do it in every Article, then every user can go from your post to another post so that your Bounce Rate will not be too high.

9. External Link

Friends, this is one of the very important SEO Factors. You add a link to someone else’s website or Blog in your post; the same is called External Linking. You have to defeat External Linking in Article. Together, you have to also keep in mind that you always have to insert the URL of the big site in your Article.

Such as Wikipedia, Facebook, etc. Because if you put a link to a very useless site, then it is not going to benefit you, on the contrary, you may have to face its loss because there is a lot of Site Spammy. Therefore, you have to link only good and quality site.

So friends, using these methods you can write SEO Friendly Article on your Blog. So that your post can be ranked in Google and traffic can come to it. We have told you about all the important points which you have to follow in every Article.


So, friends, we hope that you have fully understood this information that “How To Write SEO Friendly Article On Blogs”. Please do share this interesting information with your friends and family. So that he can also earn money sitting online at home from Blog. That too for free.

Friends, we hope that you have liked today’s topic “How To Create SEO Friendly Article On Blogs”. You can also write SEO Friendly Article using these methods. In a way, we also call it On-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which is very important for our blogs.

Friends, we keep bringing important information related to Blogging, Tech and Earn Money Online on our Blog. With the help of which you can also earn money sitting at home. Like people are earning. You should keep your love like this on us. Thank you once again for reading our topic today.

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